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Self-Discovery Coaching - 3 Reasons to Talk to a Coach Instead o

Having a heart-to-heart crying, lay it out on the table talk with your best friend is therapeutic in many ways. It feels great to get out pent up emotions and release the tensions caused by life experiences and relationship frustrations. So, what can a coach do for you that your best friends or family can't? Here are three ways a coach can help you more than your peers.

A coach is an objective listener. A coach can look at a personal or professional situation and analyze it from a fresh perspective. They take the whole person you are in to consideration, and how what is happening to you now affects you as a whole being. They look at a circumstance and help you analyze how it fits in to your life dreams and goals. Its like getting a fresh point of view from someone that is not emotionally vested in your life. A coach can objectively look at many angles and aspects of the cube of your life and help you find clearer insights in to a current situation.

They also don't have the history of your ups and downs or a bias against or for any people in your life. They are trained to ask probing questions, look for patterns, and help their clients get a deeper understanding of their own feelings along with the feelings of others around them without judgment or criticism.

A coach can support your feelings. Our friends and family have our best interest at heart and in their generosity of spirit they don't want to see a friend in pain. So, although they will listen, their tendency is to want to help us make it better by providing solutions, suggestions, and reasons to move on, when what is needed is a hand to hold which will guide us through the pain of learning the lesson we may have been meant to learn from our current circumstance.

Coaches are trained to listen and really help an individual feel all the plethora of emotions so they can begin to understand themselves more. People often stop talking to their friends about their feelings because they don't want to burden them any more, or their friends have already heard about it and they don't want to hear the same feelings replayed repeatedly in a conversation. If you are feeling stuck in your emotions, then a coach can help you make sense of your feelings and deal with them in a constructive manner. They can walk with you through the tangled strings of happy and sad and everything in between in a pace that is right for you and at a pace which allows you to move on at a time when you are ready for each step.

Coaches don't offer advice. Friends offer both solicited and unsolicited advice. Advice comes out in suggestions of what to do, what to say, how to move forward. Advice is given in words, facial expressions, and through helpful and not so helpful acts on your behalf.

The difference gained by talking to a coach is that coaches offer homework or will work with you to help you to come to your own conclusions about what to do, or how to handle your current circumstances. You remain in control of your decisions without outside pressure to do what others might think is right for you. A coach guides you to a place of caring for yourself, helps to validate and analyze your feelings, giving you the space so you can find your own new perspective and supports you through any changes you decide to make in your life.

By talking to a coach, you gain an objective listener, an emotional sounding board, and a guide to help you navigate through your life's emotions and decisions. A gift to yourself that enhances and adds to your life.