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Searching and Finding Unique Rare and Old Antique American Gold

There is a saying by top movie actor Morgan Freeman, And the quote he said was "get busy dying or get busy living." The quote I will say in the World financial market is "get busy making money or get busy being broke." In these economic times here in America with unemployment hovering around 10 percent and our country in debt in the trillions of dollars, it can seem like we are getting busy to be broke.

Now there are a lot of economic experts saying we could go back into a recession and maybe into a depression like the 1930s. To be honest it seems like we are in a depression right now! Lets hope we will never have to experience that horrible event.

We can protect ourselves and grow are wealth in this uncertain period of time, but we have to learn and study the basic fundamentals of wealth creation. The question is how do you find and grow your wealth? I would said by buying hard assets that will grow in value quickly and over time. There are certain assets that will expand in value such as rare and antique gold and silver coins.

Some will argue that buying gold and silver coins will not help bring you wealth, and they probably are right, and the reason they would be right is because you have to learn what you are buying in gold and silver coins.

Finding a rare and unique antique old American gold and silver coin in excellent condition will make many coin dealers and coin collectors hands and wallet sweat with excitement! See what a lot of so called gold and silver coin dealers do not want you to know is the true value of that hard asset antique gold and silver coin.

That is why you have to learn and study so that you can get the best price for that special rare and unique antique coin. Why do you think many exploration companies search and dive down deep into the ocean looking for lost shipwrecks? Do you think they are going to spend millions of dollars and man hours just to come up empty handed? Just think of some of the incredible finds that have been discovered over the years such as the "S.S. Republic" that had 1850s gold liberty head coins in pretty wonderful condition.

Now some assets do not appreciate in value like your 2009 car or truck, matter of fact cars and trucks go down in value every year that you have it or drive it. Now there are some antique cars and trucks that will go up in value over time.

But more rare and antique gold and silver coins always keep and go up in value over time. Buying old gold and silver antique coins will protect your wealth in any economic hard time, even in a recession or depression.

Here are a few tips,get yourself a coin guide book such as the updated "red book guide," and another publication called the "gray sheet guide." It s important also to learn what coin terms mean,for instance what does " mintage" mean? or what does "population" mean? Here is a hint on what both of these terms mean in the coin world.

Take the great basketball player Michael Jordan,what if you got a signed pair of his basketball Air Jordan tennis shoes that he only wore one time in the final basketball championship game, and you kept them all these years without cleaning them and you notice just a little wear and tear on them,but they still look like brand new tennis shoes today.

Now what if you got Michael Jordan signed Air Jordan tennis shoes that he wore for about 30 basketball games through out the basketball season,and you notice some of the wear and tear on the tennis shoes and that the tennis shoes do not look anywhere like they are brand new.

Which pair of tennis shoes would be more valuable? Of course the Air Jordan tennis shoes that were worn only one time and in the final basketball championship game.

The company who made the Air Jordan tennis shoes that year which was the company called "Nike," made about one million pair of Air Jordan tennis shoes. We called this in the coin world the "mintage," and how many of the Air Jordan tennis shoes today that are known in existence is 500 pair of Air Jordan tennis shoes called by the coin world "population."

So after one million tennis shoes that were made or minted that year,only 500 pair are known to be in the population or in existence today. And out of those 500 pair of tennis shoes, only one of those pair were worn one time in the championship basketball game by the greatest basketball player.

Today that one pair of Air Jordan tennis shoes is worth $75,000 dollars, and the other pair he wore in 30 basketball games is worth about about $6,000 dollars, and the other 498 pair of Air Jordan tennis shoes depending on their condition, range in the price of $800.00 to $2,000 dollars.

Now the actual dollar amount and mintage and population of the above statement is just an example and not the true figures. You would have to search and find what the actual amount would be for the Air Jordan tennis shoes.

Just Like in the coin world, the mintage and population and condition of the coin helps to determine what the coin value of that coin will be and also how rare and how old the coin is.

That is why by learning how to find and search for rare and unique antique American gold and silver coins can help protect and grow your wealth today in any economic time.