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Most Common Places For A Man To Have A Tattoo

Yesterday, I covered where the most common places were for a woman to get a tattoo. Today, I?m going to be focusing on the most common place for a man to get a tattoo and the subconscious reason why they get them. The most common place you will find a tattoo on a man is their arms, backs and legs. Of course it seems that more men are getting a little more braver and are getting tattoos on their chests, stomachs, knuckles and hands. These places are a lot more painful than the common spots, which is probably why more men are deciding to get tattooed there. Whether, a man wants to admit it or not, one of the subconscious reasons why a man gets a tattoo is because they think it helps re-enforce their masculinity.

After all hundreds of years ago various tribes all over the world, required the men in their tribe to have some sort of male body art. If a man wasn?t painted, pierced, or tattooed, they were not considered men, but instead, they were viewed as boys. So by knowing this, it kind of puts things in perspective to why so many men think tattoos make them seem more of a man than some man that may not have a tattoo. By knowing this information we know that body art has been linked to masculinity over the years.

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