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Disney Subliminal Messages

This is an article about the many disney subliminal messageswhich have been found in disney movies and inimated shorts over the years.

We will talk about that a little more in a second, but first a definition subliminal messaging:

The word subliminal translated means "below threshold", i.e. below our conscious perception - So although you won't consciously notice them your UNconscious mind will you are constantly deciphering and stoing them with your subconscious. Subliminal messaging therefore describes the act of sending messages directly into your subconscious mind, and your subconscious mind is powerful enough to process thousands of peices of informationevery minute.

Does Disney put subliminal messages in their animation?

Basically, yes there are ? they are present in most Disney movies.

Every time a new film is brought out the conspiracy theorists compete to find them.

Which Movies Have Subliminal Messages?

Pretty much all of the films!!

The use of subliminal and hidden messages goes back to the very beginning of Disney's history and it is believed the tradition was started by disgruntled employees and the animation team who were unhappy about the fact that Walt Disney left their names off the credits of early movies - they got their revenge by including adult based subliminal messages in future productions.

One of the first examples of this is from the first Goofy animated pieces; the designers called characters after each as they were cut out of the credits - they would soon take this much further though :)

Animators started hiding the word "sex" in the animation throughout the movie, but some would even add flashes of naked bodies strategically.

Walt Disney wasn't impressed with this, but he was talked round as apparantly the messages made his movies more memorable - anything to get the films talked about was good for Disney - any publicity is good publicity.

People now expect the emssages in Disney movies and it has actually added a quality to the brand, it is debatable now whether it is just the animators, or the design teams / management at a higher level who specify the use of these hidden messages.