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Branding Your Business: Use Social Media

Building a positive business brand is key to business success. The number one mistake I see on social media platforms or social networking sites is business owners only posting updates when they are trying to sell a product or service. This is considered spamming and it will get you blocked or removed.

Social media used correctly is a resource that business owners can use to build brand recognition. If Facebook were a country it would be the world's third largest. The average LinkedIn user earns over $109K per year and is the decision makers for the business. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are just a few of the social media platforms available to increase your visibility, increase your credibility and showcase your expertise. These three items done correctly will contribute to building your brand.

Three Tips for Building Your Brand Using Social Media

1. Visibility: Your business must have a presence daily on social media platforms. The average user spends 55 minutes per day on social media. The average user becomes a FAN of at least two pages a month. Your business needs a presence on social media. Developing your brand does not involve spamming your friends and fans with advertisements for your business. You build your brand by sharing content and engaging in conversations. These are paramount to building your credibility and establishing yourself as the industry expert.

2. Credibility: When using social media you develop your brand credibility by sharing content. Content can be articles you have written or found from a credible source, tips, or current events. It is also sharing what conferences or training you recently attended. Social media is also the platform that lets you share your personal views. If you volunteer in the community you can share with your friend's things you are passionate about so that they see you are a kind and generous person. Do not post pictures that would tarnish your business brand. If you do not want grandma to see it do not post it. Also, think twice about engaging in controversial topics that may cause people to not want to do business with you. Social media is about being social and sharing. Make the time to establish rapport and engage in conversation with your online friends. Let potential clients or current clients learn about you and where your moral compass is pointing. We typically do business with people that are just like us.

3. Expertise: Building your expertise takes time. When you get your articles published, receive an award or speak at an event you will want to share these items with your social media network. You can also build your expertise by answering questions that others post or ask. Share your knowledge. If there is a recall or industry warning about one of your products be the first to share the information with your online community. Again, you are not spamming and blatantly selling your business but you are inviting the person to learn more about you and your business. Remember, content is king. Share what you know.