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Tuesday 17 September, 2019 | RSS Feed

Where to Meet Men

I got you, didn't I? What I find really fascinating is that after writing a whole bunch of deep and heartfelt articles and posting them online, the most popular article I have ever written was the one about where singles can meet other singles. So I thought I'd shine a bit more insight on the subject with a little touch of humor.

True, men are everywhere. But if you consider the fact that half of them are married, half of the non-married ones are in a relationship; only 10 percent of the ones who are left are age appropriate for us, roughly 10 percent of those we are attracted to and 10 percent of what's left would be attracted to us. If you do the math, that leaves us with 0.025% of all the male population. If all those rough calculations are true, our chances of meeting "the one" would be one in four hundred. Good thing if you live in a large metropolitan city like Los Angeles or New York where the general population has grown over 4 million people. Theoretically there are about 5 thousand people in the city you could potentially be in a relationship with. Now that's a pretty good number!

Though I can't really guarantee the accuracy of my little statistical analysis the truth is, your chances of meeting love are much higher than you think. This I can guarantee. I guess the question now becomes "how" as opposed to "where" to meet men. Wouldn't it be nice if you could just arrange a place for all those 5 thousand men to come to at a certain time, so you could just go there and pick. Or better yet, have them wear flashy colored jackets or hats only you can see, to make it easier for you to pick them without wondering which ones are taken and which ones are free, which ones like you and which ones don't. For some reason, life just can't be that easy. I always wondered why.

The good news is I have an idea of how to make it easier. After taking a few marketing classes, I've learned that there is such a thing as marketing pie. Why not create a dating pie? If you draw a circle on a piece of paper and divide it into 8 slices of pie, you could come up with 8 different ways to look for love. Why not try them all? Your 5 thousand men are definitely mixed in with the crowd. Not all of them do online dating, not all of them go hiking, not all of them go to your gym or take the same classes as you and chances are, not all of them shop in the same grocery store you shop at. But some of them are, so it might be a good idea to keep your eyes and your mind open. Try out all slices of the pie and see which one suits you the best. It may be hard to find all 5 thousand, but all you need is one. And when you find that one, you can stop looking.

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